Your Local Mechanic

Our local facility is owned and operated by independent business owner, which means that in most cases, it’s the actual owner themselves providing personalized service to their customers. This dedication separates us from our competitors as we continually strive to deliver an outstanding experience to each one of our thousands of satisfied customers.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; we provide the highest quality service at competitive prices. It’s not just about what we do for our clients; it’s about how we do it. We provide technical expertise with a high degree of pride and integrity.

Many car owners today search for an automotive vehicle repair and maintenance facility staffed with mechanics they can trust, in the same way they trust their doctor or their dentist. This is the relationship Jorge’s Auto Repair works very hard to create.

The independent auto repair and vehicle maintenance market is rather diverse, with specialists in everything from oil changes to exhausts, to tires to transmissions, creating confusion for many consumers. At Jorge’s Auto Repair there is neither confusion nor doubt because we are full-service facilities, with an offering of everything from a basic oil change to complex engine diagnostics as performed by experienced licensed technicians with over 30 years of experience with car repairs.